Recycled Aggregates


Can be used as a sub-base for parking lots and roadways, residential driveways, walkways and select back-fill.


Used for construction entrances, drainage and erosion control, stabilization of wet areas, under-cutting, etc.


Used primarily as a subgrade for concrete slabs, base material for driveways, or erosion prevention fill.


RC-10 Screenings is a crushed recycled dust. It has a 3/8 inch top size and sizes down to silt size material. So, it can be used as structural fill or under walkways and patios.

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Virgin Stone


This is 3/4″ +\- stone generally used for driveways, septic fields, bedding for large pipes, filter stone, dry wells, hot mix asphalt, concrete slab bedding and residential drainage.


Can be used for pipe bedding and a variety of landscaping and building applications, as well as be a part of hot mix asphalt.


This material can be used for pipe bedding, landscaping and building applications, and hot mix asphalt.
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C-33 Sand

Manufactured washed concrete sand, meets the ASTM C33 specifications. It can serve as a substitute for natural sand. This material is produced from suitable natural stone by crushing, screening and washing to achieve the desired fine texture. Manufactured concrete sand is not crusher dust. Instead, it is produced to exact specifications and undergoes rigorous quality control. As a result, C-33 maintains a consistent texture and color. This material may contain pebbles, and can be used for numerous applications.

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